Sunday, May 8, 2011

Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Em All- F*** School, Eat Cereal

The first thing I want to say is that this post is a slight digression from my normal quest for chill. Second, Odd Future is probably the best new rap artist group to come out in recent memories. Their first mix tape was released in 2008, and at that time the age range of the group was 14-18. Since then they've released 10 more mixtapes and albums, all of which they have for free on their website for download. Heres a little taste of the OFWGTA family.

To start it off we have Earl Sweatshirt. Earl is one of the youngest members, only 15 when the first mixtape was released. Earls delivery and lyrical content reflect an MC with much more skill then his age would lead you to believe. The only problem is, He's fucking missing! No one in the odd future camp is telling where he is, but its not jail, and they have publicly denied the rumors of Earl being at a boarding school in Samoa. So until he returns we wait for this young talents next tracks. Free Earl.

Domo Genesis, the serious smoker of the Odd Future crew. His flow is usually more laid back and is almost always about smoking weed, swag, and gettin bitches. Gotta love some classic rap.

Tyler, The Creator. Watch the video's before you read this. Ok, did you watch it? Ya... Tyler's a lil wicked. He's also the shit, and the leader of Odd Future. His touch is on every Wolfgang track and he's produced almost all of the tracks. This guy is the media's face of Odd Future

This track is brought to you by The Jet Age of Tomorrow, another group within OFWGTA. It consists of producers Matt Martians and Hal Williams along with a cast of guest MC's from the Odd Future camp. Most of their songs are more focused on the beat, and I think it'd be safe to call these guys the Chillest of the Odd Future crew.

That's all I have for now, but stay tuned for the next Odd Future installment which will cover MellowHype, Mike G, Hodgy Beats, and Frank Ocean