Thursday, April 28, 2011

Metal, It Too Can Be Chill

The band is Animals as Leaders and they are the brain child of Tosin Abasi, former 7-string guitar player for Reflux. He wrote and played all the guitar and bass on the album, however Animas as Leaders is very much a band. Had to do a 5 hour drive hungover with my buddy asleep in the front seat, and I listened to this album, which is also titled Animals as Leaders, the whole way. I honestly feel like a better person for it. I suggest you get it.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Biggie+ The XX= Definitley Chill

This is one of the best mashup albums that have come out in the last few years. Biggie and the XX somehow sound like they were meant to be played together. So many tasty chilled out tracks on this album.

You can download the whole thing here-

Luke Vibert- The Man Loves Acid

This track comes from renowned Acid House DJ Luke Vibert. After working as a producer throughout the 90's for many of the most prolific Acid House artists, Luke decided to start releasing tracks under his own name. Best served chill.

Lemon Jelly tastes so good....

The groups name is Lemon Jelly and they consist of 3 DJ's with plenty of experience in the music producing game. This song was released in 2002 on the album Lost Horizons which is the only Lemon Jelly album I've been able to get. All of their songs use a wide array of different styles and influences, usually using samples from movies or TV to narrate a story within the song, making the music really good for traveling, spacing out, and most imporantly, chillin.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Surprise surprise, Beat genius Madlib has put out another pseudonym. This project is more of a commemorative project than anything according to Madlib. Seeing as his dad was a well known Jazz musician who spent most of his life collecting and cataloguing old Jazz vinyls. When they got in the hands of Madlib, magic happened. This project is apparently meant to give thanks and tribute to those musicians whose music and lives have had the biggest impact on Madlib and his style.

*SF CLUB REVIEW*- Sparc= Really Chill

I've been going to Sparc for a few months now and I must say; they're my favorite club I've ever been to. $40 quarters of quality outdoor organic bud every day of the week, along with normally priced indoor ($35-$55 per 8th) you are sure to find what you want in your price range. In fact, your bud has been tested for THC, CBD, and will have full percentage readout for both on the bag. How scientific or accurate is that you ask? Well, Sparc was featured in the March issue of High Times Magazine for their quality assurance and were part of a much larger article about how the people who test their tree's, are simply the best resource out there for clubs right now. Of what they have had in stock my favorite bud has been the Outdoor J-7, the indoor Goldwing, and honorable mention for the outdoor Big Buddha Cheese because it has never disappointed and it smells like blueberry muffins. But it isn't the great bud at a great price that keeps me coming to Sparc it’s the atmosphere.

When you get to the front door you are greeted by a friendly security personnel who is always smiling and makes you feel welcome. Then you walk inside and the decor and design of the building take you in. Sparc has already won 2 Architectural Design Awards this year for their simplistic yet futuristic design and they were both well deserved. The lines are never too long and the wait is never bad due to the efficiency and knowledge of the Budtenders, so, if you want, you can be in an out in no time. However after you buy your medicine, you are encouraged to hang out in the lounge area and partake in one of the 4 digital Volcano's they have on site. Along with the Volcano's, there is also free tea and easy water access to any who feel parched. One of my favorite things to do on a crappy weather Sunday is to go to Sparc, pick up tree, and then spend the next half hour just vaping, and usually sharing company with one of the many other fellow Sparc-ies.

Finally, there are the incentives. Sparc has an ongoing deal, where if you spend $250 there (not all at once, they give you a "Sparc Card" which keeps track of your spending) then you receive $25 off your next purchase. Along with this, they also have had such deals as, Diapers for Grams, where by bringing in an unopened package of diapers, you received a free gram of Green Dragon. Along with this, Sparc has monthly Jazz nights and all sorts of other promotions that keep it a place to come back to. Well done Sparc, and thank you for doing what you do how you do it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wu Tang + The Beatles = What You Need

Been on this mixtape for a couple months now, and its full of gems. Heres jus a couple of the choice nuggs

Danceable Ambient Music= Danbient

This Duo's name is Letherette, and they know's where the grooves at. I've been listening to their BTS radio mix the last few weeks, and literally everytime I put it on I have a new favorite part. I recommend downloading the BTS mix and giving it an hour or two of solid listening, it's guaranteed to keep you chillin.

Gorillaz+Space Monkey= Chill

Iiro Rantala New Trio

This group is amazing.  This song pretty much just gives a brief summary of their style, and considering theirs is the only CD I've purchased in the last three years, it says something about their overall repertoire. The album is called Elmo you can find it on iTunes, and the man beatboxing, Felix Zenger, is releasing his debut album on 4/20/2011, definitely gonna be worth checking out.

heres the site where you can pre order his album-